Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shop-A-Holics Anonymous

So, during my latest shop-a-holic mood, I ran across some awesome new stores (who have all been so gracious enough to help support Rose Slip Couture) and I just thought I'd share them with you!

First I ran across Kat's Treasure Shop.

This shop is like heaven to me! Jewels/Pearls/Beautiful Beads (and I have no idea why I capitalized all of that) are right up my alley. This is some beautiful artwork! I adore about 98% of her shop! The only word I can say that would truly describe her work is breathtaking and that is all there is to be said.

After that, aselfportrait .

I literally squealed when I found this shop, and it takes a lot to make me do that. I squealed because I realized I had actually found this shop before but just forgot to bookmark it so it was forever lost to me! Now I have the site and I can shop all I want!....once I get cash! There is some seriously adorable things in here. There are some really creative pieces here. She takes simple perler bead pieces to a whole new level or adorability (and yes, I had to create a new word to prove my point). I'm dying to have that leopard print necklace.

After these two, I came across Bambina's Boutique

Now I'm not a fan of the bottle cap jewelry, but her work is starting to change me. Her work is different from all of the other bottle cap jewelry I've seen which comes off as tacky/preteen/too girly. She takes a different approach and I'm liking it! Check out her Facebook, she has more photos of her other work along with bottle caps in progress! Great stuff!

And after perusing these stores, I finally came across Gwyllion's Accessories

I'm in love. That is all I can simply say. If there is anyone that DOESN'T love this shop, please inform me so I can pay you a little visit. This is like a dream world for the girly girl side of me. I have sent this site to relatives and friends so they know where to Christmas shop for me. I'm determined to have at least 5 of her items before I die. This stuff is amazing in so many ways. I think this was the perfect way to end this little post!

Well I hope you guys loved this stuff as much as I did!..and do! They'll be posted on my links page if you ever want to check them out but don't feel like searching for this post! Thank you loves<3

P.S. the owner of Gwyllion's Accessories has a lovely little art shop too: NummyBerry Art. Sadly I can't get any pictures up but I assure you it is beautiful!

Peace, Love, and Crafts,
-Jasmine H.

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  1. Thanks Jasmine for showcasing some of my pieces... really appreciate the added exposure... hugz to you and anyone in the near vicinity.... Kat...