Sunday, October 30, 2011

Make-Up #2 (Lips)

So, lately it seems as if there are a lot more ladies wearing lipstick! I've not too long ago started myself, and through personal experience I've figured out a few things (though the majority of you people out there have probably known these for quite some time now). Anywho, this is was I've realized:

Tip 1:
Primer is your friend. Even if you have color stay lipstick, primer will never hurt. And if you prefer to buy the cheap dollar lipstick opposed to the okay/good quality lipstick that may pricey (don't be offended, all but one of my lipsticks cost under $2.50) then primer will definitely save you from the constant reapplying.
I personally like Too Face's Lip Insurance primer. I've had a small tester tube of it since around June or July and it's still lasting me!

Tip 2:
Lip illusions. They are actually quite simple to create. I personally have full lips. The color of lipstick I mostly wear is red and of all different shades. Something I've noticed is the brighter the color the fuller my lips look. To fix the problem, instead of cover my full bottom lip with lipstick I simply leave a bit of my lip bare. People pay more attention to the shape of my lipstick rather than the shape of my lips, and the lipstick instantly makes them look smaller! (I hope to have pictures up soon to give you a visual example!)

Tip 3:
Always choose the shape of your lipstick carefully. There are some of all different shapes (curves, round, cat head) and this can affect how easily your lipstick goes on and how much it covers! I've found the a lipstick with a nice, deep curve is perfect for my full lips. I also find it's easier to just apply using the lipstick straight from the tube rather than using a brush or my finger. Whenever I do make-up for girls with thinner lips, I find that it's easier for my to apply lipstick that has a rounded end to their lips. But if they purse/pucker their lips enough you can easily apply lipstick that has a curve in it. I've also found it easier to use a brush with applying lipstick to people with thin lips.

 All in all I hope you guys found some type of knowledge through these tips (though I doubt they were news to most,,or all...or you). Please keep and eye out for more tips your probably already know!

Peace, Love, and Crafts,
-Jasmine H.

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