Saturday, October 8, 2011

Make-Up #1 (Eyelashes)

So basically, as my first entry, I'd like to give you all make-up tips. Some I've heard/learned from others and some I think I invented when truthfully there are probably a million people out there already doing it. I'll have tutorial pictures up soon! My first tip is about fake eyelashes:

So I love me some fake eyelashes. Though for myself, I have long eyelashes that aren't very full (naturally). Some have the opposite problem. So if you have one of the other and want to try to alter that with fake lashes, here are some tips:

For People With Long Lashes: Get the short eyelashes. That way your real lashes can go past those, and you'd be using your real length. Getting lashes longer than your natural ones will look obviously fake. Short lashes will look more natural on you. They'll give you a fuller set of lashes. Don't go overboard and make sure they aren't the cheap dollar general ones for a more natural look!

For People With Short Lashes: Get the short to medium length lashes. I wouldn't suggest long ones because they will automatically look fake one you, and basically anyone else. If you just want some perty lashes, I suggest you try the most natural looking medium length ones. If you want a more glamorous or "fancy" lashes, try the thick, shorter lashes.That way they will have a good length on you without looking obviously fake, and you'll have that nice full look.

Yes, I've said this a million of times but if you want a fuller, thicker look try this: Place your eyelashes on after your eyeshadow/eyeliner is done. Let the glue dry and ensure that the lashes are perfectly on without harming your actual eyelashes. Then coat your lashes (fake and real) with mascara. This keeps any stray lashes from stick out, and helps that full look you were looking for! I hope you guys enjoyed this!

Peace, Love, and Crafts,
Jasmine H.

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