Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rose Shock

So, I've been obsessing over this blog recently. The name of it is Rose Shock. It's by a lovely, creative, and TALENTED girl named Rosette (who I believe is from Finland). I've looked at her blog almost everyday for about two weeks now. Her main focus is make-up (from what I can tell) and she takes a whole new approach to it. I love her looks! She also gives some great reviews (even if they all aren't in english) and it's helped me make some decisions on what brands I'd like to try in the future. I'll post some of her looks and the link. I hope you guys will check her out!

LINK: http://roseshock.blogspot.com/


Look at her please! These are just a few, she gets better and better as you look through her blog! (Even if you can't understand Finnish, it doesn't make her any less amazing!)
Peace, Love, and Crafts,
-Jasmine H.

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