Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Run, Fat Boy, Run!

Ever see that movie? I think Thandie Newton is just beautiful, see:

She's mixed I believe.

So someone posted this on their blog and I loved it and it fits my mood slightly so I thought I'd share:

So true. I know I need to lose another...1,000 pounds, but still you can treat me with more respect >.>

Well here's an update:

I'm meeting some cool people, slowly. People that aren't sorority brats (and I have nothing again sororities and their members. I actually know some severly sweet/nice sorority girls and frat guys. But if you act like a stuck up brat with an "I am holier than thou" attitude, I may have some unhappy thoughts towards you) and I am finding it cool. Got on a dorm council. Met a BEA-U-TIFUL guy that I plan on...watching? Stalking basically, if ya wanna get down to the point. I am in love with his gorgeous blue/gray eyes.

Oh! And I got a few jobs working on costumes and make-up/hair for some upcoming shows. So I'm excited. And I also won't have to deal with my roommate soon (don't even get me started on the b.s. she pulled recently) so...yay!

So you know how I mentioned I'm having to deal with some racism? Well I don't feel like posting my experiences, but I am going to copy and paste what my sister said about her class today:

Whether it was serious or not its not okay. She says the student that said it was a ditzy/not so bright girl and that the teacher probably laughed because of something that happened in a different class and BECAUSE she wasn't the brightest. Still, such activity should have been reprimanded, in my opinion. I have witness plenty college professors confront students when they've said something racist, especially when its a class with a small group of minorities. And this is supposedly some big year for the school - 50 years since they stopped racism on their campus and allowed black students in. This should be more of a reason to watch for those kinds of comments.

But I still love this school. It has some serious faults, but all schools do. But I still may be heading to my dream school once I get some casshhh (you guys should donate, yeah? Yeah?)

And going back to the fat thing (though I prefer 'plus size'), take a look at these hot mamas!

All of these photos came from one of my favorite blogs: Viva Voluptuous

Seriously, love the blog.

And now I want to post some sites I found on the subject of men dating bigger women/how bigger women are better. Some were actually really offensive - which means I laughed so hard that I cried. It didn't hurt my feelings and I'm super sensitive but I guess I should warn you guys just in case you are easily offended. I'll separate:


Another warning, their all kind of sexual too. But, yeah:

Posts I Like:

Posts I Laughed At:

Well, that's it!

Peace, Love, and Crafts Babies<3
-Jasmine H.

BPU: BIG PEOPLE UNITE! <----Our motto at my old school

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hey Sexy Lady

Hey, Darlings!

So, I just feel horrible for not posting anything lately! I would looooooove to post photos of my experience here at Ole Miss but sadly I haven't really made that many friends (I'm at an audition or meeting almost every darn day! >.>) so none of those yet. I haven't even went to one of these "famous" parties. Oh well...I'm content! Except for my roommate situation...but I'm handling it. I'm not a rude girly but this girl....grrrrrr.

But I still want to give you guys some info. But first: PRAY FOR ME!!!!! I got a callback (eeeeek!) for The Crucible and its Sept 4. Its for the role of Tituba. I really want to be in this play. Pray I get it, please.

And this comes to my next thing...I think I'm dealing with some racism. Seriously...on the campus who is celebrating their 50th year of allowing black students attend. But I'm overrr it. I'm better than these petty incidents. But seriously, if I can't be cast in lead roles because of my pigmentation, then I'll be heading off to my actual dream school in a year or so.


Guys. I love Christina Grimmie. At first, I liked her. After hearing her cover of the following, I LOVE this chick. I'd have babies with her. Since I'm a man and all.

Speaking of men, the guys on this campus are making me mad. They keep being chivalrous and holding doors open for me and stuff. DON'T THEY SEE I'M A MAN. A REAL MAN. A FREAKIN' COWBOY FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!! Gosh! Seriously!

And also, there is the most adorable guy here. He is like a little hobbit and I want to put him in my purse and keep him forever. I will. It's decided. And there is another - he has some serious class. And the greatest hair (its the prettiest shade of blonde) and he actually remembered my name! I think I shall make him my new best friend eventually. Eventually.

And I've been reading some cool books. I'm too lazy to post at the moment.

But here is the OOAK Barbie I mentioned forever ago:

Eh. I could've done better. First try though :3

And I like these:

Couldn't find other cool pictures I liked.

Well I have papers and such. Night, loves! Spread me? Get me more readers and followers? I'd love you! Oh! Soon -when I am more organized- I will reopen my shop. Have give-aways? That kind of stuff :3

Peace, Love, and Crafts,
-Jasmine H.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hotty Toddy

Hey Guys! I know it's been a while so I'm just giving you guys a quick run down of what's going on in my life.

So I moved in to Ole Miss last Thursday and I'm loving it so far. I started classes Monday. I have a loooong walk but hey, I will get used to it since I have to do it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I really getting involved with theatre and dance and I am stoked. Makes me very happy. I am making some cool with gorgeous pink hair and another who calls himself Shaneshaboo or something like that. They are quite characters and I can tell I will love them and you guys will see/hear lots about them. I am really beginning to love this place, though I still refuse to wear heels to a football game >.>

I will give you guys a REAL post soon. Bear with me while I get into the swing of things, please? Thank ya, Babes<3

Peace, Love, and Crafts,
-Jasmine H.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cool Handmade Backpacks

So, school is starting for everyone around this time (at least in the good ole south!) and we all need backpacks - whether we like it or not. I've only had one backpack that I absolutely loved, and it has finally broken and the store I bought it from is no longer in business. So this year, for my first year in college, I'm doing something new - I'm making my own backpack! I'm attempting to turn it into a tutorial but it may take a while for me to get stuff organized. In the meantime, check out these hot handmade bags:

Out of all of these, you wanna know which I adore the most? Click here to go to the site :3

Can't wait to show you guy's my backpack..

but it's looking ghetto right now O.o

But keep in mind this is the first legit legit backpack I've made. Second bag I've ever sewn though. Probably the 5th thing I've ever sewn all together. First thing I've ever made from scratch - pattern included.

'Tis All<3

Peace, Love, and Crafts,

-Jasmine H.

P.S: So am I the only one excited that I can officially buy the Hunger Games on DVD on August 18th? Not a fan girl, I actually hated the books. But woah, movie was pretty good. Plus made some memories by seeing it with great friends. Sorry for rambling, I haven't slept in a least 15 hours - no jokess.