Sunday, October 30, 2011

Make-Up #2 (Lips)

So, lately it seems as if there are a lot more ladies wearing lipstick! I've not too long ago started myself, and through personal experience I've figured out a few things (though the majority of you people out there have probably known these for quite some time now). Anywho, this is was I've realized:

Tip 1:
Primer is your friend. Even if you have color stay lipstick, primer will never hurt. And if you prefer to buy the cheap dollar lipstick opposed to the okay/good quality lipstick that may pricey (don't be offended, all but one of my lipsticks cost under $2.50) then primer will definitely save you from the constant reapplying.
I personally like Too Face's Lip Insurance primer. I've had a small tester tube of it since around June or July and it's still lasting me!

Tip 2:
Lip illusions. They are actually quite simple to create. I personally have full lips. The color of lipstick I mostly wear is red and of all different shades. Something I've noticed is the brighter the color the fuller my lips look. To fix the problem, instead of cover my full bottom lip with lipstick I simply leave a bit of my lip bare. People pay more attention to the shape of my lipstick rather than the shape of my lips, and the lipstick instantly makes them look smaller! (I hope to have pictures up soon to give you a visual example!)

Tip 3:
Always choose the shape of your lipstick carefully. There are some of all different shapes (curves, round, cat head) and this can affect how easily your lipstick goes on and how much it covers! I've found the a lipstick with a nice, deep curve is perfect for my full lips. I also find it's easier to just apply using the lipstick straight from the tube rather than using a brush or my finger. Whenever I do make-up for girls with thinner lips, I find that it's easier for my to apply lipstick that has a rounded end to their lips. But if they purse/pucker their lips enough you can easily apply lipstick that has a curve in it. I've also found it easier to use a brush with applying lipstick to people with thin lips.

 All in all I hope you guys found some type of knowledge through these tips (though I doubt they were news to most,,or all...or you). Please keep and eye out for more tips your probably already know!

Peace, Love, and Crafts,
-Jasmine H.

My Latest Obsession

So I love searching blogs for inspiration. There is one I've like, but recently I've been freaking out over it! It's called Studs and Pearls, and let me tell you this: The name by itself its adorable and creative. This girl has some serious skills! I've been able to get a million of ideas from her and her items!

Her blog is all about how to take simple, everyday items and turn them into something unique and beautiful that anyone could make! I'm beggining to adore her emincely and I can't wait for her future posts! Check her out:

Peace, Love, and Crafts.
-Jasmine H.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rose Shock

So, I've been obsessing over this blog recently. The name of it is Rose Shock. It's by a lovely, creative, and TALENTED girl named Rosette (who I believe is from Finland). I've looked at her blog almost everyday for about two weeks now. Her main focus is make-up (from what I can tell) and she takes a whole new approach to it. I love her looks! She also gives some great reviews (even if they all aren't in english) and it's helped me make some decisions on what brands I'd like to try in the future. I'll post some of her looks and the link. I hope you guys will check her out!



Look at her please! These are just a few, she gets better and better as you look through her blog! (Even if you can't understand Finnish, it doesn't make her any less amazing!)
Peace, Love, and Crafts,
-Jasmine H.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

TokiDoki Barbie

I love her! Is she not adorable is so many ways? I can't wait to own her myself. I think this is one of the greatest Barbies ever. She stylish and chic. Tatted and everything! With some hot pink hair. A definite great buy. I bet most people would have to buy 2 (one to collect and one to play with) or at least I would need two! What do you guys think of her?

Silly Little People

Silly little girls and guys who go spend hundreds of dollars on clothes/accessories, damage their hair with 10 different dyes, and scar their faces with needles just to fit in are stupid. Buy a shirt because you like it, get pink hair because it's your favorite color, get a monroe because you're obsessed with them. Not because you want to fit into a stereotype, get certain people to like you, or because you want to be "different" and "unique". Now-a-days being different and unique only means you're conforming. Be yourself, which means just be normal. Normal can be wearing nothing but pink every day. I'm tired of seeing people (of all ages) trying to fit into what society wants. I regret my years of trying to fit in with the kids at my old school. I was miserable because I knew I wasn't being myself. I have been so happy since I "came out of the closet" in a sense (and no I don't mean I'm gay). I happy I stopped hiding the truth about myself under (which is my definition of being in the closet). Now, I'll freely admit that my favorite shirt came from Dollar General. And that I actually really think teasing your hair until it makes your head seems 3x bigger is stupid. And that I hate skinny jeans. And neon colors really annoy the hell out of me. Seriously people, be yourself. Don't wear bandanas because it's cool. Do it because you love it. Does anyone agree?

Peace, Love, and Crafts
-Jasmine H.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Make-Up #1 (Eyelashes)

So basically, as my first entry, I'd like to give you all make-up tips. Some I've heard/learned from others and some I think I invented when truthfully there are probably a million people out there already doing it. I'll have tutorial pictures up soon! My first tip is about fake eyelashes:

So I love me some fake eyelashes. Though for myself, I have long eyelashes that aren't very full (naturally). Some have the opposite problem. So if you have one of the other and want to try to alter that with fake lashes, here are some tips:

For People With Long Lashes: Get the short eyelashes. That way your real lashes can go past those, and you'd be using your real length. Getting lashes longer than your natural ones will look obviously fake. Short lashes will look more natural on you. They'll give you a fuller set of lashes. Don't go overboard and make sure they aren't the cheap dollar general ones for a more natural look!

For People With Short Lashes: Get the short to medium length lashes. I wouldn't suggest long ones because they will automatically look fake one you, and basically anyone else. If you just want some perty lashes, I suggest you try the most natural looking medium length ones. If you want a more glamorous or "fancy" lashes, try the thick, shorter lashes.That way they will have a good length on you without looking obviously fake, and you'll have that nice full look.

Yes, I've said this a million of times but if you want a fuller, thicker look try this: Place your eyelashes on after your eyeshadow/eyeliner is done. Let the glue dry and ensure that the lashes are perfectly on without harming your actual eyelashes. Then coat your lashes (fake and real) with mascara. This keeps any stray lashes from stick out, and helps that full look you were looking for! I hope you guys enjoyed this!

Peace, Love, and Crafts,
Jasmine H.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sweet Kawaii Shop

So there is this lovely little shop named Simply Sweet Gemini that you absolutely need to check out! I literally squealed when I saw their deco boxes! She works with resin, poly clay, and other items. Miss Christina Chan is quite good if you ask me(: Check out her shop! BTW if you ever want to visit her shop in the future and don't feel like finding this post again, check out my links page. Bye Lovelies!

Peace, Love, and Crafts,
-Jasmine H.


So dear lovely people that actually read this, I finally have a handle on the blog. I'll have more time soon to post more often, and I have an idea of what it'll be about. It'll be about everything that I enjoy! But for you all that don't really know me, this includes the following: Fashion, Make-Up, Reviews, New Items/Ideas for my shop, Other awesome shops and people, My Experiences, My Random Rants, Stuffed Animals and other toys, Music, and etc. Oh and kitties. Probably A LOT of kitties. So I hope you'll all enjoy this blog from here on out, and invite people to check it out. Meow<3

Peace, Love, and Crafts
-Jasmine H.