Sunday, October 9, 2011

Silly Little People

Silly little girls and guys who go spend hundreds of dollars on clothes/accessories, damage their hair with 10 different dyes, and scar their faces with needles just to fit in are stupid. Buy a shirt because you like it, get pink hair because it's your favorite color, get a monroe because you're obsessed with them. Not because you want to fit into a stereotype, get certain people to like you, or because you want to be "different" and "unique". Now-a-days being different and unique only means you're conforming. Be yourself, which means just be normal. Normal can be wearing nothing but pink every day. I'm tired of seeing people (of all ages) trying to fit into what society wants. I regret my years of trying to fit in with the kids at my old school. I was miserable because I knew I wasn't being myself. I have been so happy since I "came out of the closet" in a sense (and no I don't mean I'm gay). I happy I stopped hiding the truth about myself under (which is my definition of being in the closet). Now, I'll freely admit that my favorite shirt came from Dollar General. And that I actually really think teasing your hair until it makes your head seems 3x bigger is stupid. And that I hate skinny jeans. And neon colors really annoy the hell out of me. Seriously people, be yourself. Don't wear bandanas because it's cool. Do it because you love it. Does anyone agree?

Peace, Love, and Crafts
-Jasmine H.

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