Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Hello, once again! So I didn't catch up with you guys :( but I am still going to get you guys a little run down on the past, and then give a little information about the present and future! So:

Halloween was okay. I was a crazy chic on the Friday before in a haunted house, a slutty Minnie Mouse (not purposely slutty!) on that Saturday for a children's haunted house, a porn star later on that night (originally I was a hula girl), and finally on actual Halloween, I was a black guy. A gay one too, because I wore glitter earlier that day and I couldn't get it off completely.

School has sucked immensely, but I believe because of personal reasons. I won't rant right now and annoy you guys!

The photo shoot thingy was kind of cool, it made me want a legit one. All we did was walk around campus and take pretty pictures, now I want a cool one with wild make-up, costumes, poses, etc.!

And I'm finally posting some new items tonight! Only 4 though. And I'm hoping to go pick-up some stuff so I can get a few of the shirt designs out, though we only have about 5 ready to be sold. More are coming soon of course(: Well here are the four items being posted tonight:

And A LOT more are on their way! And here are few hints for the t-shirt designs coming out:
1) I'm married to it, secretly.
2) Bright colors!
3) Mustache.

I can't wait to unveil them! I did them personally, you guys will need to wait a while to see the ones I'm having done for me, sadly. Well that's all for now, talk to you guys later! Oh, and pictures from my "photo shoot" will be up as soon as I get them!---if I like them.

Peace, Love, and Crafts,
-Jasmine H.

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