Sunday, November 20, 2011

Strike A Pose!

 So I was looking through my blog, and I realized that I barely have any posts about what's going on in my life! Or about my make-up or my new crafts! I decided to give you guy's a little bit of info:
First of all I'm finally on Thanksgiving Break! I swear I needed a break! And second of all I have a little mini photo shoot tomorrow! My first, and probably my last. I'm getting some awesome pictures for my senior page and I even get to take one of my favorite kitties, James Screamer II. AKA just Screamer. Oh! And I no longer have 26 cats, I have 16. 9 when to the pound (I pray they have homes!), one has died (my mother's favorite, lots of tears) and one came back! (Well, my mom stole him back from the people she gave him to.) And I've also created my very own designs! All by myself! It'll be easy to tell the ones I designed from the ones I had others design, but I'm sure you'll all like them. I'm sorry this is so short but I need sleep! I'll try to post again tomorrow!

Peace, Love, and Crafts,
-Jasmine H.

P.S: It'd be wonderful if all of you people that just looked at this every other day could make an account and follow the blog! Give it some support since I barely give it any! Love you guys<3 Meow!

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