Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Run, Fat Boy, Run!

Ever see that movie? I think Thandie Newton is just beautiful, see:

She's mixed I believe.

So someone posted this on their blog and I loved it and it fits my mood slightly so I thought I'd share:

So true. I know I need to lose another...1,000 pounds, but still you can treat me with more respect >.>

Well here's an update:

I'm meeting some cool people, slowly. People that aren't sorority brats (and I have nothing again sororities and their members. I actually know some severly sweet/nice sorority girls and frat guys. But if you act like a stuck up brat with an "I am holier than thou" attitude, I may have some unhappy thoughts towards you) and I am finding it cool. Got on a dorm council. Met a BEA-U-TIFUL guy that I plan on...watching? Stalking basically, if ya wanna get down to the point. I am in love with his gorgeous blue/gray eyes.

Oh! And I got a few jobs working on costumes and make-up/hair for some upcoming shows. So I'm excited. And I also won't have to deal with my roommate soon (don't even get me started on the b.s. she pulled recently) so...yay!

So you know how I mentioned I'm having to deal with some racism? Well I don't feel like posting my experiences, but I am going to copy and paste what my sister said about her class today:

Whether it was serious or not its not okay. She says the student that said it was a ditzy/not so bright girl and that the teacher probably laughed because of something that happened in a different class and BECAUSE she wasn't the brightest. Still, such activity should have been reprimanded, in my opinion. I have witness plenty college professors confront students when they've said something racist, especially when its a class with a small group of minorities. And this is supposedly some big year for the school - 50 years since they stopped racism on their campus and allowed black students in. This should be more of a reason to watch for those kinds of comments.

But I still love this school. It has some serious faults, but all schools do. But I still may be heading to my dream school once I get some casshhh (you guys should donate, yeah? Yeah?)

And going back to the fat thing (though I prefer 'plus size'), take a look at these hot mamas!

All of these photos came from one of my favorite blogs: Viva Voluptuous

Seriously, love the blog.

And now I want to post some sites I found on the subject of men dating bigger women/how bigger women are better. Some were actually really offensive - which means I laughed so hard that I cried. It didn't hurt my feelings and I'm super sensitive but I guess I should warn you guys just in case you are easily offended. I'll separate:


Another warning, their all kind of sexual too. But, yeah:

Posts I Like:

Posts I Laughed At:

Well, that's it!

Peace, Love, and Crafts Babies<3
-Jasmine H.

BPU: BIG PEOPLE UNITE! <----Our motto at my old school

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  1. You are wonderful darling! I love the post. Keep being your fabulous self. <3

    - Marisa