Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hotty Toddy

Hey Guys! I know it's been a while so I'm just giving you guys a quick run down of what's going on in my life.

So I moved in to Ole Miss last Thursday and I'm loving it so far. I started classes Monday. I have a loooong walk but hey, I will get used to it since I have to do it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I really getting involved with theatre and dance and I am stoked. Makes me very happy. I am making some cool friends..one with gorgeous pink hair and another who calls himself Shaneshaboo or something like that. They are quite characters and I can tell I will love them and you guys will see/hear lots about them. I am really beginning to love this place, though I still refuse to wear heels to a football game >.>

I will give you guys a REAL post soon. Bear with me while I get into the swing of things, please? Thank ya, Babes<3

Peace, Love, and Crafts,
-Jasmine H.

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