Monday, August 27, 2012

Hey Sexy Lady

Hey, Darlings!

So, I just feel horrible for not posting anything lately! I would looooooove to post photos of my experience here at Ole Miss but sadly I haven't really made that many friends (I'm at an audition or meeting almost every darn day! >.>) so none of those yet. I haven't even went to one of these "famous" parties. Oh well...I'm content! Except for my roommate situation...but I'm handling it. I'm not a rude girly but this girl....grrrrrr.

But I still want to give you guys some info. But first: PRAY FOR ME!!!!! I got a callback (eeeeek!) for The Crucible and its Sept 4. Its for the role of Tituba. I really want to be in this play. Pray I get it, please.

And this comes to my next thing...I think I'm dealing with some racism. Seriously...on the campus who is celebrating their 50th year of allowing black students attend. But I'm overrr it. I'm better than these petty incidents. But seriously, if I can't be cast in lead roles because of my pigmentation, then I'll be heading off to my actual dream school in a year or so.


Guys. I love Christina Grimmie. At first, I liked her. After hearing her cover of the following, I LOVE this chick. I'd have babies with her. Since I'm a man and all.

Speaking of men, the guys on this campus are making me mad. They keep being chivalrous and holding doors open for me and stuff. DON'T THEY SEE I'M A MAN. A REAL MAN. A FREAKIN' COWBOY FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!! Gosh! Seriously!

And also, there is the most adorable guy here. He is like a little hobbit and I want to put him in my purse and keep him forever. I will. It's decided. And there is another - he has some serious class. And the greatest hair (its the prettiest shade of blonde) and he actually remembered my name! I think I shall make him my new best friend eventually. Eventually.

And I've been reading some cool books. I'm too lazy to post at the moment.

But here is the OOAK Barbie I mentioned forever ago:

Eh. I could've done better. First try though :3

And I like these:

Couldn't find other cool pictures I liked.

Well I have papers and such. Night, loves! Spread me? Get me more readers and followers? I'd love you! Oh! Soon -when I am more organized- I will reopen my shop. Have give-aways? That kind of stuff :3

Peace, Love, and Crafts,
-Jasmine H.

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  1. loving the blue ends!! i wish i was bold enough to pull that off!!

    love K