Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cool Handmade Backpacks

So, school is starting for everyone around this time (at least in the good ole south!) and we all need backpacks - whether we like it or not. I've only had one backpack that I absolutely loved, and it has finally broken and the store I bought it from is no longer in business. So this year, for my first year in college, I'm doing something new - I'm making my own backpack! I'm attempting to turn it into a tutorial but it may take a while for me to get stuff organized. In the meantime, check out these hot handmade bags:

Out of all of these, you wanna know which I adore the most? Click here to go to the site :3

Can't wait to show you guy's my backpack..

but it's looking ghetto right now O.o

But keep in mind this is the first legit legit backpack I've made. Second bag I've ever sewn though. Probably the 5th thing I've ever sewn all together. First thing I've ever made from scratch - pattern included.

'Tis All<3

Peace, Love, and Crafts,

-Jasmine H.

P.S: So am I the only one excited that I can officially buy the Hunger Games on DVD on August 18th? Not a fan girl, I actually hated the books. But woah, movie was pretty good. Plus made some memories by seeing it with great friends. Sorry for rambling, I haven't slept in a least 15 hours - no jokess.


  1. I like the first one! :D<3

  2. These bags just never grow old. The quality cool backpacks you offered look like a good choice when I finally pick one to buy. Thanks.