Friday, June 15, 2012

Rimmel's Kate Lipstick Review

So, after a long wait I can finally get this to you! My internet has been down, and we finally have it up and running! Now, before I continue, please excuse the bad photos. Still no camera :( Anywho....

Wow. I love this lipstick. It's absolutely amazing, the best in my make-up kit at the moment! I didn't get a "traditional color." I wanted something new, fresh, and funky. So I went with this beautiful deep, wine-colored purple:

The color looks nice against my darker skin. So I'm positive it will look amazing on paler gals (or guys). Here are some lip shots:

This is just with one or two glides! Great color, beautiful pigmentation. It goes on so easily and beautifully! Plus, they are flavored :3 This has a great grape taste to it! And you know what else is great about it? It's like I'm not even wearing lipstick. Its so nice and smooth, I actually forgot that I had it on. I wore it in a little conservative town in South Carolina and forgot it was on, and I got so many stares! I thought they just thought I was crazy, forgot the dark make-up I had on that day.

This would look best with a dark, romantic look. Curls and all! I actually did one (minus the curls), and it was kind of cool. It just enhanced the whole look. I would post a picture but my phone decided to be horrible that day.... What the heck, here you go. But don't laugh at it! Its pretty rough looking and my camera did it no justice!:

 Bad lighting, also helped. But don't think I'm blaming outside problems. This wasn't my best work.

The color is actually richer in person. My only con for this brand is that they only have like 5 colors! I tried on the red, and its coming on with me in a few days :3 I also tried this nice coral pink color - it was so pigmented that it look brighter than it was against my skin. So darker and tanner girls might want to watch out for that color (and any bright colored lipstick! Doesn't do much for us, gals).

I seriously recommend this product. Any of Rimmel's products actually, I've had nothing but success when using their items. But this lipstick is like, the I swear it! Check it out, maybe?

Thanks, Dolls!

Peace, Love, and Crafts,
-Jasmine H.

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