Saturday, June 23, 2012

Memphis Day

Hey, Loves!

So I spent that day in Memphis with my mommy yesterday. Pretty fun. Basically, I wanted to show you the cute palette I bought when we visited Sephora.

 Its from Sephora's Hello Kitty collection. I got a great deal, it was on sale for $10. Its usual price is $17 and it never changed online. I guess the store just wanted more room for bigger brands, who knows.

The colors are pretty vibrant. Here is a quick swatch I did with my fingers:

I was pretty upset, though, to find that the cream color had cracked by time I got home. I know all pressed shadows are sensitive, but these seem to be super sensitive. I don't think it was wise for me to get it considering how clumsy I am! But yeah, I'm loving it so far. Its kawaii, vibrant, and useful to me. I can't wait to do some looks with it!

I was about to buy Smashbox's Shades of Fame palette, but decided to wait until next Friday. I'm trying to purchase Tarte's discontinued True Blood palette. By time I saved up enough money, they were sold out and didn't get any more in :(

I wish I could show you guys how great this palette truly is. My suitemate was a make-up lover like me, but she was a rich one. Therefore she owned almost every item Sephora sells and she let me use whatever I wanted. She had this palette and I swear I wanted to steal it. I think I may actually love it more than Urban Decay's Naked2 palette - and that says a lot!

But I found a great deal and I'm working on it now :3 You guys will definitely know how it turns out!

Oh. I have orientation tomorrow. Excited? Yes. Hopefully it won;t be as boring as MSA's orientation sessions >.> But I'm gone now, Darlings. Bye!

Peace, Love, and Crafts,
-Jasmine H.

P.S: Has anyone heard of/used the new 18 Karat Gold nail polish? Gosh, I love it. I highly recommend it. I used some of it and its like, the perfect top coat. Smooth and crystal clear besides the gold. The gold is even smooth, you can't even tell. With glitter, you know, you kind of feel it. It may have a slight roughness to it. This stuff though, is legit. Smooth and beautiful. If I had $30 to throw away, I'd own it. In a heart beat. If only my heart belonged to nails rather than faces/eyes.

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