Saturday, March 17, 2012

Summer Bands

Hello, Lovelies! So I feel the need to let you know that still no camera :( CURSE YOU PERSON THAT STOLE MY CAMERA!!! --not seriously, but still. I'm pissed. But's spring! Is it me, or does it feel tad bit more like summer? Either way it's nice and warm out, and we still have that beautiful breeze! My second favorite time of the year!
But as I said before, it seems a tad bit more like summer at times. Maybe it's just this good 'ole Missippi weathuh --> I meant to misspell :3 --> But due to this, I've begun thinking about my summer bands! You know, those bands that just scream "Summer is here! Relax! Have fun! Dance!" Here is a little mini list I've have had on my playlist lately! It is bands and songs:

 We The Kings

1) I put them first because they are like, my ultimate summer band! Their beats
are just happy and playful in most songs. It is also partially because I 
first heard them with "Check Yes Juliet" in the summertime. :3

 All Time Low

2) First of all, I'm in a committed relationship with Alex. Girlies stay away, please!
But anywho, they are another band that I heard in the summer, so it is
a key reason of why they are on this list. But though they do have some
slower songs, there are a good amount of fast paced, happy, party songs.
I love dancing around my room in me undies while blaring them!
I first started with "Remembering Sunday." It's slow, but still<3

 1901 by Phoenix

 3) It is such a great little song! I listen to it year round, but it makes me
think of those fun, late summer nights with friends!

 The Unicorns

4) Ah, another cool band! One of my ex-best friends introduce me to them.
She figured I'd like them because of my love for unicorns..and she was right!
I love that 60's rock feel of their music. It's good sway music(:
Mayday Parade

5) Ok, they are probably on here because I am in love with them. They're music
is good for any time of the year in my opinion. Therefore, they are automatically
a summer band. Along with a spring, fall, and winter band! Great lyrics, great
beats, and just all around awesome! Enjoy!

Well this was a mini list. When summer rolls around I'll put up more good bands and songs to have some fun to! So that's all! I'm off to watching America's Next Top Model reruns. Have a great rest of the day, Loves<3

Peace, Love, and Crafts,
-Jasmine H.

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