Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm Not Dead Yet

Hi! I know it's been a while since my last post, so I'm doing a little update!

Here is the list of important things I've done recently..things that rock and suck:

1) Grades aren't so hot..they are kind of warm. Hope they aren't cooling down :(
2) Did a 30 hour famine *will do some detail laterr*
3) Constant rehearsals
4) Didn't get into Emory...yeah this sucked the most.
5) Began building a stronger relationship in my Religion
6) Got a new role model that I soooo relate too(:
7) About to watch Talladega Nights!---I love Will Ferrel<3
8) Had 6 new kitties added to my cat family!
9) Helped a friend with her prom dress
10) Did HOT make-up..seriously. I made Bitch Slap look almost like Sugar Pill. <--That's what's up (as the youngins say)/
12) Read over 10 books in two weeks.
13) Played Life, Spoons, Uno, Life, and other board games repeatedly for the last 3 days.

So details! I'm dedicating a second post about the famine so... let's start with my new role model!
*****DRUM ROLL*****
The wonderful, Elizabeth I of England.
Why is she my role model? Because I she gives me hope. These past few months I honestly got the sense that I have absolutely no one that I can easily and truly trust and love. Yes I have family and my company members and I love them dearly, but that doesn't put them in the position of where I need them most. She went her whole life only being able to trust one person, at least 100% (ok maybe 95%?) Anywho, though I haven't found that person (s) yet I feel that I may. And she was so powerful, so strong and she didn't need anybody to rely on. She had her own support system - herself. She knew how great she was and she showed all of England. I want to be like her. Powerful, independent, loving, and care for my people (all humans). She is exactly what I want to be.
And Kate Blanchett just made me love Elizabeth I even more :3
So I still have no camera :( So no photo dump of my make-up and shizz. So I'm going to end it with some questions for you all to answer and start my famine post(:
Who is your role model and why? Got any hot make-up you want to show? Didn't you just like adore the hunger games?...the movie. Not the books. How have you guys BEEN recently? Gimme all thuh deets(: Love you, Dearies<3
Peace, Love, and Crafts,
-Jasmine H,

Song Lyrics/Quote for the week: "I don't need you or anybody else" - Mayday Parade, from If You Wanted A Song About You, All You Had To Do Was Ask. (Lame yes, but still!)

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