Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today's Epiphany - Spirtual Stuff and Junk

First thing first, I hope you fully enjoyed the picture above. Anywho, while wrestling with some unsettling events and thoughts that I shant bore you with, I realized something. Now, at first all of the following "us" and "we" used to be "me" and "I". But then I realize how this applies to everyone. I really hope those who have some unhappiness in their life will read this and find some type of help from my words.

God made us who we are for a reason. There is a vast difference between who we want to be, and who we are meant to be. We easily get them confused. Say I loved to bake, and I wanted to be a famous pastry chef. But I also have a gift for sewing. The road God has set aside for me might be the one sewn on fabric with buttons scattered on it. But due to my strong love for baking, I think I am destined to be a pastry chef and I constantly take the detour decorated with icing and sprinkles. Yes I will have my successes, but I may find more failures. And sewing keeps popping up. I need to sew my uniform up. I keep getting constant orders about fashion/clothing themed cakes. I have to make all of my clothes. Sometimes it blatantly obvious when we need to hop off one train and get on the correct one. But we try to change out fate, we try to change God's plan. We may be unhappy that we can't be what we wanted, we can't be what we had planned. Have you ever considered that there is a reason we aren't all skinny? Or tall? Or able to hit a high C? My dearest teacher Mrs. Tammy says that we all have a gift. There is no such thing as talent. We were created to do something specific, and when the time comes for us to use this gift, we are going to blow the world away. I agree. I understand I don't have the open personality like most. That my sense of humor can be crude. That I am quieter than others, but maybe it is vital that I am like this. I find myself constantly trying to turn myself the opposite direction so I can fit in better. I feel a tad bit misshapen, like I need to chisel away a few details before I can fit in like I want. But obviously I just need to hop on over to the next train. I know I'm close to finding that perfect spot, I just need to keep moving along the path God created for me rather than adjusting myself so I can feel better. So I can seem prettier or more likeable. Think of it this way, when you do reach that perfect place for yourself, you still won't be able to fit. You got rid of so much of yourself that now the placement is too big and you can't reach the bar. As cliche as it is, never change yourself. Let God's will take control. He will always put you exactly where you need to be. Even when it seems like He just tossed you away; He put you in that awful position for some crucial reason. And as soon as your task has been completed, He'll move you on to the next step - leading you to the top of the mountain.

Now...I just have to actually TAKE this advice because I am guaranteed to go through the same trials that I went through all day today. I know it. And if not tomorrow, the day after that.

That tis all... enjoy this too:

No lie, if I knew I could pull it off w/o looking ugly and w/o my hair falling out, I'd do this.

iloveyouall. Oh. I wanted to go to Hang Out Fest with some friends. But I can't. Because its too expensive and sold out. :( So if you have a ticket, I strongly dislike you. Listen to these songs:


Young Blood by The Naked and Famous

We Are Young by fun. Feat Janelle

 Summer Angel by Minus the Bear


You Ain't Alone by Alabama Shakes

Peace, Love and Crafts,
-Jasmine H.

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