Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shades of Fame

Hey, Darlings! So I just want to catch you guys up with my latest escapade...which was 3 days ago on the third. I went on a family trip to Memphis (though its not really a trip since its like an hour from me and I go every other day). I wanted to attempt to look cute since lately my self-esteem has been on a roller coaster (just one of those weeks!), so here is the make-up look I did for the day:

Bitch Slap Cosmetic's 60 Yellow Palette
E.L.F's Eyelid Primer
Falsies Mascara
Gel Liner - forgot the brand, too lazy to look :(
L'Oreal Paris HIP Foundation


It was fun in the beginning. My sister and I rode the carousel at the Northridge Mall over by Windchester.

It was pretty amazing until I saw my pictures (you know my Fat or Skinny post? Where I said I want to lose a size or two? I want to lose like three or four. Then I can be plus size, but not PLUS size. If ya get what I mean ha.) but even then I had fun. I also tried on some beautiful American flag heel boots - forgot to take a pic though! But I found this:

If I were the right size, I would have tried this on if not purchased it. 

After that we headed to Cheddar's and had a delicious lunch. And from there we walked over to the JCPenny that houses Sephora. After an hour debate, I came  home with one of the things I've been wanting since May 17th:

So excited! I am still shocked so I haven't opened it yet. I can't wait to show you guys some cool looks. I am most excited about the brush it came with - sad huh? It's just so fluffy!!!!

Gosh. I am ecstatic. But anywho, we also hit up Lane Bryant. Got some new bras :3 Tried on like 20 of them. Apparently my chest doesn't want one specific size. I had to buy 3 different sizes. Hated every second of it.

Now, on to the Fourth of July. You know I just adore America themed items. Especially fashion. I planned on celebrating so hard this year. Cooking for my family, dressing up, cool deserts, y'know..the works! But I slept all day and didn't even realize it was the Fourth until like 8 p.m. when my brother and his girlfriend brought her siblings out to our little country abode to shoot off fireworks. I got to enjoy watching them in my comfy oversized shirt and no pants. I plan on celebrating next year, extra hard to make up for this year.

What did you guys do? Tell me! Show me pictures, please?

Peace, Love, and Crafts,
-Jasmine H.

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