Saturday, July 30, 2011


So I have about 14 kitties terrorizing me :( 7 8 week olds, 5 14 week olds, and 2 adults. I just want to scream! But I'll admit I will miss them. I head back into the dorms this Thursday---something glorious yet torturous---and not only that but these little buggers go to an adoption agency. I love all of them, all 27 (and no there is no over exaggerating here). I hope they all get nice and happy homes! Especially my little pirate kitty, Captain Morgan. I'm losing a great crew on my ship, but now there will be more grub and ale. Do any of you have kitties that you absolutely love? Or a mom who is obsessed with kitties so she basically collects them like mine? Comment, talk to me!

Peace, Love, and Crafts,
-Jasmine H.

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